Hill Country Fare - Grape Soda

It seems that we start a lot of these stating that we haven't written in a while... so I'm gonna avoid that. I love grape soda, and I'm always open to trying new ones. I have a theory about them as well. I think that the cheaper the grape soda, the better it tastes. Couple that with the fact that we're trying to do beverages with a lower cost this year, and you have a review I'm happy to do. Hill Country Fare - Grape Soda is the store brand grape soda from HEB. It comes in 6 packs with those rings you should cut up to keep the dolphins and birds alive.

The can art is very generic, as it should be. The words "Artificially Flavored" are in a font that is equally as large as the word "Soda." They do not care that you know how un-natural that their soda is... and I appreciate that. This soda tastes like grape Dimetapp with some carbonation. It's got a fizzy mouth feel to it. My throat burns a little bit due to the carbonation, but it's not annoying by any means. The after-taste of grape soda lingers in your mouth a while after you've finished as well. I could sum up this review in one sentence. "This tastes like most any generic grape soda." I didn't do that just so you would know how much I enjoyed generic grape soda to begin with.

Verdict: Buy a Pack!