Natural Brew -hand crafted- Outrageous Ginger Ale

I've been neglecting my postings for a bit too long now... so it's time to play catch-up. This week we start with Natural Brew *hand crafted* Outrageous Ginger Ale. Since that's a really long name, I'm just gonna call it Natural Brew Ginger Ale, or NBGA, from here on out.

I used to think I liked Ginger Ale. I liked Vernor's, Canada Dry, and Schweppes was even ok. Then I started trying stuff with real ginger in it, and I quickly realized I wasn't a fan of the 'real ginger' taste. I can honestly say that I have spotted NBGA on the shelf at my local store, and wanted to purchase it. The bottle I'm about to review was given to me from a friend.

Here goes. Ok, I don't like this. It kind of has a sickly sweetness about it, with the ginger burn that normally follows. This is something I would politely pretend to enjoy, and slowly pour it out in the process, while the person wasn't looking. It's just a bit too sweet for me, but not in a good way. The burn doesn't seem to be as much as previous ginger ales, but normally that doesn't hit full affect until at least half the bottle is consumed.

All in all I think I'm done with 'natural' ginger ale drinks for a while. There is obviously a market out there for them, I'm just not part of it. Give me my Vernor's any day, over these specialty drinks.

Verdict: Buyer Beware!