~Welcome, a year later

We’ve entered the second year of The Soda Jerks, which is ridiculous to think about. It’s hard to believe that all this started with us curious about a little beverage called Virgil’s Root Beer. Even though others think I’m wrong, I’m still convinced that it’s God on the bottle serving delicious root beer to children. Or cola. Or whatever Virgil’s beverage you happen to have.

Anyway, we’ve had a fun year drinking beverages, and as my cohort has pointed out the thing that sets us apart from other beverage review sites is that we factor in price during the reviews. Not only will we continue doing that, but in...”honor” of the current economic crisis (which I believe was caused by people collecting those damn state quarters, but that’s a whole other issue) we will put more of a focus on store brand and discount sodas.

Also we will have our first “special feature” next month when Mike will do a review live on location of all six international sodas featured at Epcot in Walt Disney World. For anyone who has had Beverly, pray to your respective deity for me.

So on that note, we move on to year two. Our goal is to double our readership to 12.

-Mike and Aaron