Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Traditional Curiosity Cola


First off, congratulations to this product for currently having the longest name on our site, defeating the previous entry by three letters.

Secondly, congratulations on your awesome looking bottle.

The biggest negative about this drink came well before the first sip. It's a very small bottle and costs $3.69. Yikes. It's so pricey I almost want it to not be good.

But it is. It's nowhere near surpassing Virgil's Real Cola, but this is tasty.

On the bottle it says, twice, "UP END BEFORE POURING." I have no idea what it means, but I figured out part of it meant it should be poured in a glass, so I obliged. This drink probably has the spiciest scent of anything I've had yet. Unlike other colas that I can describe with "RC-like" or "Coke-esque," this really does have a cola flavour of it's own. The taste is spicy as well, but still sweet. I was a little concerned that like other old fashioned drinks, it would lack the sweet, but thankfully it doesn't. The back label claims they wanted to "brew a draught from Botanicals, with body and bite that is curiously envigorating. (sic)"

The best way to put this...when I taste this drink, I picture myself as a test subject for the original cola beverage. Or maybe a neighbor in the 1800s or whatever has told me "let's go down to the bar, they have some sort of new beverage called a 'cola.'" I feel that this is what it would taste like.

Verdict:  Buy a pack!