Stirrings' Ginger Ale


Time for another Ginger Ale.  This one claims to be an "All Natural Ale with Zesty Ginger and 'Champagne-like' Bubbles."  This is one case where the description on the bottle is dead on, so let's break it down.  First of all, it is all natural, featuring triple-filtered water, cane sugar, and ginger extract.  Second, zesty ginger, which is also right on the money.  While not overly spicy like a ginger beer, this one does have a slight kick to it which surprisingly adds a bit to it's refreshment.  Finally, the "champagne-like bubbles."  They exist, albeit briefly.

I only have one complaint with this, I purchased it in a pack of four and it was six dollars.  Normally that isn't an issue for something natural and upper scale, especially since this also claims to be the "first line of Cocktail Sodas created especially to complement fine spirits."  I can't attest to that, but we wish you luck.  Either way, the four bottles are each 6.3 ounces.  Very small indeed.  There's something to be said about the small bottle, it was actually kind of fun to drink out of it, but overall for value this is just slightly over half of what I'm used to getting for the money.  So honestly the value here is the only thing hurting the score.  If you were looking for a unique bottle and beverage combination for a somewhat fancy party that you chose to have soda at, this is an interesting idea for it.

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!