Waialua Soda Works: Lilikoi


One of the most popular soda flavors in our crazy, mixed up world is lilikoi.  Actually it isn't.  Come to think of it, what is lilikoi?  Oh, the tiny print says "passion fruit."  Now that I've heard of, although it's still not common.  I will say, if someone asks me what I'm drinking when I have one of these I'd tell them "lilikoi," if I could pronounce it.

As you could guess by the abundance of vowels in the company's name and flavor, they're from Hawaii.  The hula girl on the label gives it away too.  The kana at the bottom is a ruse.  Either way this stuff is tasty.  It's a very mild flavor, sort of melon or peach-esque almost.  The color is a light pink so you expect something mild.  It's well sweetened though and generally crisp and refreshing.  I should mention, as I like to do, that it is sweetened with cane sugar, something you'd expect from a place like Hawaii.

They have some other flavors but I went with the lilikoi because it's called lilikoi, however I'd be curious to find out what a Hawaiian root beer tastes like.

Verdict:  Buy a Pallet!