Tru Blood: Blood Orange

   Let me preface this article by telling you that I have no knowledge of the True Blood television series.  The previous sentence is a bit of a lie since people at work tell me I’d love it, but I still haven’t seen second one of the show.  Since we’re going through a Vampire/Zombie phase right now in pop-culture (TheSodaJerks are guessing that Cowboys or Robots are coming up next) I decided to try out Tru Blood: Blood Orange for my Halloween review.  Before I officially begin, let me thank my co-worker “The Man Known as R” for giving me a bottle of Tru Blood: Blood Orange beverage from his own supply.  I know these things aren’t cheap, and I’m most grateful.  Here we go.

   I’m impressed with the bottle art; it’s very simple with an Asian flare, but classy.  It’s slightly amusing that the label says “O Positive” on it.  I had to look up what the Chinese symbols that adorn the neck read, and another review that they say “True Blood” as well.  The liquid looks to be the very color of blood, but sadly I can see that the bottle is masking the true color of the beverage.  That actually bothers me more than it should; when I pour this in a glass I want it to stay the exact color of the bottle. 

   Upon opening it, I smell a very strong scent of orange.  I’m much more excited to try it now as it seems the flavor will be strong with this one.  With my first taste of this blood orange beverage I had to check the label and make sure it’s not a diet soda.   It does have only 99 calories, so I’m not sure if that qualifies, but it definitely has a diet taste to it.  I find it odd that I taste that because it’s sweetened with cane sugar, which I thought would bring a richer sweetness.  Looking past the diet flavor, it does have a tangy light orange flavor when it first hits your mouth.  Fortunately, after drinking a sip you can lick your lips and still taste how sharp the flavor was… it’s kind of nice.  The sweetness is very subtle to me, again though you taste most of it in the aftertaste.   This seems like a beverage many will mix with alcohol, but I have to grade it as it stands alone.  I wanted a rich, sweet, blood orange soda,  and while not a bad drink this tastes like a diet orange soda that leaves a nice taste on your lips.  I guess that’s why Vampires never wipe their mouths with their sleeves after feeding.    

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!



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