Big Peach

   I’m a little nervous about this review of Big Peach Soda.  The reasoning behind my nervousness is the fact that I’m not a huge fan of Big Red soda at all.  Big Red, for those of you who don’t know, is “America’s #1 Red Soda” per their website.  It has a very unique flavor, but not one I’m fond of.  It’s a bit too “candy/cream soda” for me.

   I found out about Big Peach from a co-worker of mine.  I saw him drinking it probably 2 years ago and asked what it was.  When he told me it was from the Big Red line of sodas I dismissed ever trying it.  Well that must have been before my soda reviewing days, because now it sits in front of me thanks to that very same co-worker.  A large reason of why it sits in front of me is because of his answer to a question I asked.  “Does it taste anything like Peach-O’s?”  To explain another unknown product, Peach-O’s are gummy (delicious) peach rings… and if you like peach flavored things; you’ll love Peach-O’s.  Anywho, long story short, he said that Big Peach tasted a bit like Peach-O’s, which was good enough for me.

   Immediately I'm not impressed with their bottle art.  I don't mind the font, the color, or the splash of peach juice, but the actually peach is bothering me.  Why make it realistic looking?  Why not go for a more pop-art looking peach.  To me it detracts from what could be inside; add that to the fact that the peach looks kind of gross as well.  On the bright side, things are looking up now because upon opening the bottle I get the very familiar smell of Peach-O’s.  Hopefully the taste will coincide with what my olfactory glands have already told me.  (I just wanted to use the word “olfactory”, but the statement still rings true.)

   Ya know what?  I like this.  When you first drink your mouth is flooded with peach flavoring, not unlike biting into a peach.  After the flavor greets your mouth, it slowly exits at a great rate.  Pretend you’re in a conversation with someone you don’t particularly like… then one of their friends steps up, and begins to converse with said “hated person”.  Even though they were in the middle of telling you a story, you decide to slink away… but you can’t just turn and leave.  You have to slowly back up, until you are no longer in their circle of horrible conversation.  That’s what Big Peach flavor does in your mouth; it leaves at just the right speed, and time.  The amount of fizz in Big Peach is at a pretty good level as well, it’s just bubbly enough.  My fiancée, who isn’t a big fan of soda, even enjoys this.  She compares the flavoring to that of a jolly rancher.  The setbacks of this beverage are the fact that it’s made with chemicals (including our old friend Sodium Benzoate), the fact that my stomach burns a little after drinking it, and the bottle art.  This beverage does make me wish for more peach flavored sodas though.  Hopefully in my soda searching endeavors I’ll find one.

Verdict: Buy a Pack!


Big Peach.JPG

Oddly enough "Big Peach" was Twist's nickname in college.