Napa Valley Soda Co. Root Beer

napa valley rootbeer.jpg

Ah, the Napa Valley.  Lush fields, rolling hills, the wine, and of course the root beer.  Well, not so much the root beer.

Oh a quest for some strange soda, I found myself in Big Lots (aka Ollie's) and was a little disappointed at their slim selection of drinks.  Back when I was growing up in Pennsylvania and Big Lots was introduced to our area, each location had different sodas from the other, and always had plenty of interesting selections.  Sadly those days seem to be over, or at least it was the day I showed up.  They did have one interesting looking soda though, and that's Napa Valley Soda Co.'s Root Beer.

Now as I stated in the first sentence Napa Valley is well known for many other things, most especially the wine.  I thought this product might be crafted with the same skill, dedication and attention to detail that their most famous drink is.  Nope.

This is pretty much A&W in a fancy bottle.  The ingredients are your normal list of chemicals that you'll get from any 50 cent root beer out of a vending machine outside of a Wal-Mart.  It's not bad by any means, but it is a little disturbing to see a company trying to disguise an average root beer inside a bottle.  "Gourmet" it says on the front of the bottle.  Not so much.

Verdict:  Buyer beware!