Topo-Sabores Orange

We have an orange soda for today's review, Topo-Sabores Orange. I've never had a soda from Topo-Sabores, but I do enjoy Jarritos, and it seems to be very similar in style. To be honest with you I bought this because of the Lion on the bottle. My expectations for this are average at best, as it's hard to set yourself apart in the Orange Soda market. Here we go.

I enjoy using a bottle opener to open my bottles, for some reason it just feels kind of 'Old Timey' to me. The smooth bottle top also works better when you're drinking from the bottle. Hey, I was right, this is your average orange soda. It does have a bit of a bite to it, which I enjoy in my orange soda's. I'm going to finish it before finishing this review though, I've learned that many orange soda's get better as you drink them. While I've finished this beverage, it's still no more than a solid orange soda. It's not that sweet, and the carbonation is just right. I am still left waiting for an orange soda to blow me away. Love the lion though.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!