Red Bull Cola


Alright, so I hadn't found any decent drinks to review until I was walking through the grocery store today and saw Red Bull Cola. Since I figure 50% of it's purpose is to energize you, instead of doing my normal recap of my opinion after I drank it, this will be written over the course of an evening.

It smells like cola syrup, like what you'd get at a pharmacy to calm your stomach. Now regular Red Bull tastes like bubble gum and fire, which isn't a bad thing, I actually enjoy Red Bull, so let's see what this is like...

This is decent, no bubble gum and no fire, maybe really far in the aftertaste but not instantly noticable. It's kind of got an RC thing going on.

Okay now that I've drank about a quarter can I am tasting the bubble gum flavour, again, not too bad.

I will say this about my little experiment, I desperatly want a nap right now, so I'm pretty tired. Let's see how energized this gets me.

Alright, it's been 3 hours since I started this. I'm going to say it's not really that powerful in regards to an energy boost. The taste is good, but being that it's Red Bull it's also expensive, $6 for a 4 pack.

Now a little update, over the last week I drank all 4 cans, two early in the morning after waking up and two late afternoon after coming home from work. It was more effective in the morning, however not as effective as a regular Red Bull. That and it's pretty awkward drinking soda first thing in the morning.

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!