Orangina - "Shake it!"

I really enjoy this site sometimes, people bring me new drinks to try; Orangina is one of those drinks. First off the bottle is awesome, it reminds me of a $4 lemonade I purchased a few days ago... hopefully it tastes better.

I was told by the bottle to "shake it!" with emphasis on the exclamation point. So now that it's shaken, let's give it a whirl. This is definitely not a soda, of course it doesn't claim to be either. It claims to be a "Sparkling Citrus Beverage with Natural Pulp" then to the left of that gives me some fun percentages. I love percentages. Orangina is 12% Juice (I can only assume Orange) and 2% pulp. After looking at the ingredients, I'm only surprised by one... lemon juice. This literally tastes like orange juice and carbonation. I can barely tastes the lemon, but I think I'm happier because of it.

I'm eating soup while drinking this, and what I've learned from this is that Orangina, to me, is a breakfast drink. I could see myself grabbing a bottle of this the morning of a road trip somewhere, we'll say Florida just for grins. It's like an orange juice with pep, because of it's bubblies it'll wake you up a little faster. It won't ever replace orange juice for me, as it doesn't have enough vitamin C for the label to claim. All in all, Orangina is a pretty good drink. I probably won't buy anymore, unless I take that morning road trip to Florida, but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!