Blue Sky's Dr. Becker

This will be the shortest entry I make to date. I picked up an all natural Blue Sky beverage titled Dr. Becker. As plain as the nose on your face, you should be able to tell that this is a Dr. Pepper rip off... and that's fine. Soft drinks try too emulate one another all the time. What's not fine is the flavor of this drink. The initial taste is like a flat Dr. Pepper... the taste that follows is horrid. I'm going to type a flavor, and you aren't going to believe me. I've had two people agree with me on this so it's not just my screwy taste buds. The after taste of Dr. Becker is... boiled baby carrots. Before you say "no it's not", YES, YES IT IS! It is definitely in the top 5 worst soft drinks I've ever had. I can't even finish a can of this stuff... it's only 12oz, but even when I share a can with someone I can't get half way through. The can itself it pleasant, but not great. This product has scared me away from Blue Sky beverages for a while.

Here's what a can looks like


Here's what the label should look like.


Verdict: Buyer Beware!