IBC Cherry Limeade

Yeah, I guess this is more of a mainstream beverage maker, but I had to try it since I'm a big fan of cherry limeade.

IBC's version of the drink doesn't disappoint, but it doesn't really impress either.

To me the drink is more cherry than lime and tastes pretty much like a cherry soda, a good cherry soda, but still just cherry. After having the real deal from Sonic and Dairy Queen, basically limeade with lots of delicious cherry syrup, it's hard to find a substitute, but for the money it's pretty darn good. Being it a little more mainstream it was only 4 bucks for a six pack, which isn't bad compared to other drinks I've reviewed.

This is one of the most appealing looking drinks I've seen. It's a bright red in a clear bottle which shows it off nicely. I don't know why I'm mentioning the appearance since I usually don't do that, but it just looks delicious. This is something you'd want sitting in a bucket of ice during some kind of outside get together. If I ever went outside I'd consider this.

Verdict:  Buy a pack!