Vernor's: The Original Ginger Soda

Ginger Ale... I'm sad to say that I went 25 years of my life without ever trying it. When I did try it I was amazed, it was what Sprite should be. Sprite, while drinkable, is not my favorite soda, but that's for another time.

I let CJ, my girlfriend, pick out what I was going to review this go round. She did pretty well selecting the Vernor's. First off, I don't think you can compare this to Ginger Ale which is where I went wrong to start off with. It it clearly labeled as a Ginger "Soda", and the original one at that. In comparison with Canada Dry, there is no comparison, they don't taste much alike... aside from the bit of ginger you might taste. *Update* This is indeed a Ginger Ale, it's just marketed as Ginger Soda. In fact Vernors Ginger Ale, along with Hines Rootbeer, is the oldest American born soda dating back to 1866! *Update*

Originally I thought that there was a Viking on the can of Vernor's (I keep wanting to spell it Wernor's due to my taking German). Oddly enough, it's a gnome. The fact that gnomes go into the making of this soda amuse me to probably buy more in the future. My next descriptive term is going to turn a lot of you away from trying this beverage. It tastes a bit like carbonated egg nog. I know that sounds gross, but that's because you're probably combining egg nog and seltzer water... it's nothing like that. It's really a pleasant flavor. It's not overly sweet, it leaves a nice after taste, and it has a gnome on the can. Really the more I've consumed this, the more it's grown on me.

While it is a Ginger Soda, by no means would I make this my first choice if I had a stomach ache. I think it might be just a little to sweet for that. Overall I recommend it to those who are fans of ginger drinks, if I remember correctly it wasn't so overly expensive that you'll have to only buy it on special occasions.

Verdict: Buy a Pack!