Sprecher Orange Dream


Orange drinks are some of my favorite, so it was hard to pass up on this unique looking beverage, Sprecher Orange Dream. How can you pass up a bottle that has a picture of a cow using a straw to drink straight from an orange? Answer: you can't.

Luckily this is a really good soda. As soon as you open the bottle you can smell that your suspicions are right, this is going to be creamy. This review won't be finished unless I include a particular word, so I'll do it now: dreamsicle. Yes, it does taste like one.

Unlike our enemy, the A&W Float, this is a soda, with carbonation. The orange flavor is very good. Some orange sodas can be a little unsweet, like older Minute Maid orange. This one is sweet like a Crush or Sunkist, thankfully. The creaminess, which comes from honey and vanilla, is very subtle, which I'm fine with because I'm not the biggest fan of...wait for it...dreamsicles. It is abundant enough to set it apart from an average orange soda and make it something special.

The aftertaste is a little off, which is my only complaint, it's almost like the vanilla and honey stay but the orange doesn't, which is a little awkward and, if you haven't eaten or aren't eating, can end up being a little metallic, so don't drink it right when you wake up. Also when trying the drink in ice, it just tasted like a standard orange, you couldn't notice the creaminess at all, so if you need ice, just go for the Crush or Sunkist, otherwise enjoy it straight from the bottle for maximum effectiveness.

This one wasn't too pricy so it's worth a try

Verdict:  Buy a pack!