A&W Root Beer Float

I'm a big fan of the root beer float, especially blended. Give me a glass of root beer with some ice cream and before taking one sip I will spend minutes stirring until it's one complete mixture. Thank goodness for Sonic, the only place I know of that does it for you. The idea of the root beer float in a bottle has always been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so I had to take a chance on the new A&W Float.

I say I was taking a chance because you're getting four bottles for about $8. Unfortunately, it's not worth a buck. First of all, there's no carbonation to this drink, and when you blend root beer and vanilla ice cream, there's still the tingle of carbonation. Second, the texture. It's like they wanted to get the thickness of a blended float but alas that's something that you just can't duplicate in a bottle, so they ended up with a syrupy mess when they really should have went with the crisp texture of the root beer instead. Finally, the vanilla flavor. This is where the drink truly fails. It just overall tastes really rancid, almost like it was made with milk that sat out for a while. All this leads to a horrible aftertaste.

The bottle promises "Rich, creamy, and so delicious you won't believe that it comes in a bottle." Well, they missed all three of these points. It's hard for me to find a soda beverage that I don't like, but this is it. I haven't been able to finish one of these. Still I hope that someday my dream of a root beer float in a bottle will come true. I will say that the only redeeming thing about this drink is I have a feeling that the awful vanilla flavor may work with the sister drink to this, the Sunkist Float. Also nice bottle.

Verdict:  Do not buy!