Malta Hatuey...what?

Ok, so this intro is going to be short, and sweet as I really want to try this beverage out. It comes from my Caribbean supplier of drinks. It's called "Malta Hatuey - A Non Alcoholic Cereal Beverage". That alone scares me, and the fact that my supplier hates it so much he told me to drink it from a medicine cup. Well no guts, no glory, so here we go.

Before I take a drink, I noticed the horrible smell coming from the bottle, so I read the ingredients; Fructose, Corn Syrup, Mellomalt, Caramel malt, and Hops. I see this being a one swig review.

Oh wow, that's horrible. This is by far the worst drink I've ever had in my entire life. I couldn't drink this if I had to. I got just a little in my mouth for a taste, and immediately hated it. I can still taste the aftertaste of the little bit that I had. It's like they liquefied cheerios, and added some horrible, horrible flavor to it, because liquefied cheerios weren't bad enough. The only redeeming value of this drink is the labeling, not very often you see a Native American on the label. Either way... it's horrible.

Verdict: Do Not Buy!