Pink Ting... makes me feel girly

We're going back to the Caribbean drink collection, out of it comes Pink Ting. First a little history. Here's the rundown from the official Ting website.

"Ting soda brand is more than 25years old and is made from real delicious Jamaican. The demand for Ting soda had been stable for years so the growing of Trees to meet demand was also stable. However the trees were becoming old and diseased as little re-planting took place. Since 2000 the demand for Ting soda brand has doubled in Jamaica which has doubled the demand for the Juice. Since 2000 "TING" has supplied 100% of these uniquely propagated seedlings to Citrus farmers in Jamaica. These Farmers are guaranteed the world grapefruit price in exchange for all the available grapefruit. The trees take 4 years to grow and mature in the rich Jamaican soil and fruit in the Jamaican sunshine. This is why we say "Ting Grapefruit Soda" is a little island sunshine in a bottle. Your demand creates a cycle of events to which culminates in the growing of delicious refreshing grapefruit juice. Please try our Ginger Beer and diet ting soda."

In short, in case you skipped all them crazy words above, Ting is a Jamaican beverage, with natural grapefruit flavors. Pink Ting, according to the label, is a mixture of real Jamaican grapefruit, and natural pink grapefruit. Really there isn't a lot to say about the drink though. It delivers on its promise to the nines.

Pink Ting tastes like carbonated grapefruit juice. There, that's it. If you like grapefruit juice, you'll like Pink Ting. Me? Well I'm pretty impartial to grapefruit juice, but this is tasty. It does claim to be the "Ultimate Thirst Quencher" but I don't really agree with that. Overall I'd say it's a tasty beverage, but not one I'll buy again as I'm not crazy for that good ol' grapefruit flavor. The most negative thing I can say though is about the packaging. It's Pink. Yes I know, it's called Pink Ting, so why wouldn't the packaging be pink? It's a pretty girly package though, and my masculinity was dented in the purchase of it. I exaggerate greatly, but c'mon, even the font is girly!

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!