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Another Time Soda Fountain - Cherry Phosphate

I walked into Another Time Soda Fountain in Rosenberg, TX when they opened today at 11:00.  I was the only person in here for about 10 minutes.  Now 30 minutes later it’s filling up quickly with folks of all ages.  

My view

 I’m “on assignment” for two reasons.  Reason number one is that I now have a laptop (chromebook to be correct) and I’m now able to write on the road.  Reason number two is that ever since I heard of Another Time Soda Fountain I wanted to review their sodas but was unable to due to not having the resources in the first reason.

As soon as I entered I must say I was impressed by the decor.  It really does have an old fashioned sense to it, but not so old fashioned that everyone wouldn’t feel welcome.  It’s a very positive environment and the customers that entered after me seemed to all be having a good time.  It’s like they all left their bad moods (if they even had one) at the door before coming to eat.  

I’m sure that all sounds rather sappy, but it truly is a remarkable place.  I never told them what I am doing there and so far no one has asked.  They just make sure I’m comfortable every so often and well taken care of.

That said, let me move on to business.

I came here to have a Cherry Phosphate made by an actual Soda Jerk.  It’s one of the oldest soda recipes still used today and I sadly haven’t had one.

Thankfully it was brought to me in a clear glass so I can see the vibrant red coloring.  The crimson straw that I’ve accessorized with is the only thing that challenges this soda’s plumage.  

So many straws to choose from!

It has the slight scent of maraschino cherries, but ultimately is less powerful in aroma than I thought it would be.  Part of me just thinks this is going to taste like any other cherry soda, hopefully I’m incorrect in my presumption.

Interestingly enough it doesn’t completely mimic a commercial taste.  The cherry is somewhat muted, but still rich enough to deliver the most important of messages loud and clear.  Carbonation is lighter than I thought it would be, never having a phosphate before.  As far as the mouthfeel goes it seems a bit more syrupy than your standard can of soda.  This is because they primarily deal in syrups here when creating their sodas.   

This extra syrup feeling causes the aftertaste to primarily come from what has attached to my mouth during this consumption process.  I’m not sure why I said “consumption process” instead of drinking, but there’s something about this atmosphere that wants to romanticize the experience.  Oooh, I bet they make a good grilled cheese.  

Anywho, Cherry Phosphates aren’t as significantly different as I thought they would be.  It’s tastes like you would think a homemade cherry soda would taste like, simple but good.  This is a pretty decent start to my first foray into phosphates, but I have a feeling the lime phosphate I’m going to try next will be even better.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased at Another Time Soda Fountain in Rosenberg, TX

Old Red Eye Root Beer

As I’ve stated before, a quick way to make me excited about a soda is to give it a snazzy western theme.  Old Red Eye Root Beer (Since 1948 for those who care) does a pretty great job in western theming in the name alone.  The label looks like it would feel more at home as restaurant signage, but that’s fantastic in its own right.  

Just like the cowboys were, Old Red Eye is sweetened with cane sugar and include a dash of chemicals.  You’re correct in thinking that comparison to cowboys didn’t make any sense, however I’m betting you’ll forget about that by the end of the review.

That's not Twist in the background that's potential copyright infringement.  I think I'm gonna reach out to the photographer now.

Smells like root beer.  I even had a random passer by smell the bottle and those were his exact words.  It does have a little hint of wintergreen to it, but it took a couple of huffs to sniff that one out.

Wow, that has quite a bit of wintergreen in it.  While a bit too powerful for my liking the strength of the wintergreen thankfully does not mask the actual root beer I set out to enjoy.  Each time I raise the bottle to my lips it’s like a punch in the mouth.  First with the wintergreen left and then with the root beer right.  A carbonated uppercut is what follows to try and knock me out and it probably could if the flavor was richer.  

Other than the wintergreen taste my only complain is that the flavor seems thin.  Please don’t take this to mean it’s not flavorful.  I’d compare it to a wall that needs a second coat of paint.  Sure the wall is painted and bright, but it could be so much richer and vibrant.

All in all (as I seem to type more and more at this point of the review) Old Red Eye Root Beer is serviceable and would be a decent grab if you found it at a gas station.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was purchased at a Shell Gasoline Station


"Legend has it, there was a craggy old bull named Red Eye - with a glint and a gnarly attitude, he could only be coaxed from his pen to do his daily duties when a brave soul would pop open a bottle of his favorite root beer, pour it in his tin bowl, then run like heck before being stomped.  Red Eye preferred his root beer frosty cold."

Ok, there you have it.  I couldn't finish the review without including the story.

Howdy Cherry Jubilee

I really wish there were more flavors of Howdy soda.  It’s such a friendly word that means so very much to me.  Well today’s version of Howdy sounds even friendlier because it’s flavor is Cherry Jubilee.  How positive of a name is that?!  Howdy Cherry Jubilee.  Can you say that and be angry?  The answer is no, no you can’t.

I really need a travel Twist.  Any ideas?

Howdy Cherry Jubilee is a bright red soda with a mauve and pink label.  The colors used here dance well together and are really enticing to the eye.  As well as being attractive Howdy Cherry Jubilee is sweetened with cane sugar and includes a small handful of natural and artificial ingredients to make up the rest.

Wow, that smells like cherries grenadine.  Quite the powerful scent at that, it invites quick consumption with its aroma.  Who am I to turn down such a polite invitation?

Wow, it tastes like liquid maraschino cherries.  At least with the first few sips the mouthfeel is relatively clean and doesn’t have a syrupy taste at all.  Howdy Cherry Jubilee is a very sweet soda, but does a great job at walking on the correct side of the “too sweet” line.  The carbonation gives a nice quick burn with each sip adding another layer of enjoyment.

About halfway down the bottle I’m still enjoying it and all of the initial experiences are holding true.  Sometimes you want a soda’s drinking experience to alter a little so it doesn’t build on itself.  In the case of Howdy Cherry Jubilee the flavor doesn’t stack so the consistency is wanted.

As I do in many of my reviews I’m going to go ahead and suggest you drink this one for dessert.  This is a fantastic soda and one I would recommend to most anyone out there.  Perhaps the best cherry soda I’ve had to date... at the very least it’s a top three.  The cherry flavor is candied as stated before, but if you’re not looking for a genuine cherry taste you should have no issue.  

Even if you don’t find any of my writings to be convincing, how can you resist buying a bottle of something named Howdy Cherry Jubilee?

Verdict -  Buy a Pallet


I bought this at an HEB grocery store