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Sipp Mojo Berry

Any soda that has a “Superior Organic Soda” sticker on it starts off on the right proverbial foot.  Any soda who’s “Superior Organic Soda” sticker matches the color of the soda… well you’re just making art at that point.

Hello darkness my old friend.  Forgot to set the exposure again.

Today’s entry is Sipp Mojo Berry.  Sipp is USDA Certified Organic soda.  Mojo Berry is apparently a mixture of blackberry, mint and lime.  Here’s the part of the review where I sometimes look at a label and hope I don’t see the words “Natural Flavors”.  *Turns the bottle around*  Here’s what’s in the bottle: Carbonated Water, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Natural Blackberry, Organic Natural Color, Citric Acid, Organic Natural Lime, Organic Natural Spearmint, Natural Blackberry Flavor.

HOORAY!  I literally know everything put into this soda.  Organic Natural Color is a little weird, but I can live with it.  So far Sipp Mojo Berry is on the right track although I’m a bit concerned with spearmint being an ingredient.  My soda history with spearmint is a shaky one at best so I have my doubts.

Blackberry is the prevailing aroma and it smells just like the real deal.  I’m hoping my brain hasn’t set Sipp on a pedestal it couldn’t possibly reach.  The ingredients are great, the bottle/label is great, the aroma is great… they’re either about to knock it out of the park or disappoint me.

This tastes like a fancy soda.  Of course I should have guessed that with a name like “Sipp”, but after tasting my first “Sipp” I have confirmed it.  All three of the listed flavors are accounted for.  Blackberry, being the strongest, has bullied his way to the front of the line.  He waves at me in a cool fashion and steps to the side to reveal Mint and then Lime.  

Mint and Lime are buddies.  They tried to fight Blackberry one day, but it didn’t work out well for them.  He blackened both of their eyes and chipped a couple of their teeth.  They’re so beat up that people confuse them for one another when there together.

Aside from all this the soda is really light.  Bubbles within the bottle are tiny and powerful, creating a good experience all around in terms of feel.  

I want to like this soda a lot, I really do.  Perhaps I’ve been “spoiled” with all of the sweet nonsense over the years.  Sipp Mojo Berry does some really good things, but that mint/lime combination creates a bitter taste that my pallet just doesn’t find that appealing.  Sure they could load it up with sugar and probably mute it a bit.  Something tells me that would go against everything they’ve done in creating this beverage.

In theory Sipp Mojo Berry is great.  Personally though, it’s not my style as I believe it could be improved with a little additional agave.  Ah well, that’s why I deliver opinions and not facts.  Fact driven reviews would be so boring.  Bah!

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


I purchased this at a HEB grocery store

Sprite LeBron’s Mix

There are two entities on this earth I trust to make a delicious special edition soda, the video game industry and basketball players.  Fortunately today’s entry is from the latter.  Sprite LeBron’s Mix is basketball’s own LeBron James’ own personal mix of Sprite.  I didn’t catch any commercials for this, but I picture him in a lab coat with goggles holding test tubes or something at the Sprite laboratories.  

Twist also took his talents to Miami before returning home.  He was arrested. 

All of that potentially imagined lab work resulted in a “Lemon-Lime Soda” that is “Natural cherry and orange flavored with other natural flavors”.  The word natural is so nice they worked it in twice.  Let’s see what else is in the bottle.  Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, and a dash of sodium benzoate for luck.  Man, LeBron really knows his stuff.  If only Hotlips or Swamp Pop had gotten a hold of his soda making prowess.  Enough chit chat, time for reviewing.

Immediately this smells better than regular Sprite.  The orange aroma jumps out immediately and attacks the ol’ olfactory gland.   I’m having a harder time finding the cherry.  Hey!  You in the back with the sophomoric mind.  Quit snickering.  Anywho, I’m having a harder time finding the cherry, but hopefully it’ll be there in taste.  Let’s find out.

Oddly enough I taste more of the cherry than I do the orange.  Both of these tastes, as natural as they may be, seem artificial to me though.  That’s not to say this isn’t good.  Sprite LeBron’s Mix is better than original Sprite yet worse than Sprite Remix.  Of course there are a lot of sodas worse than Sprite Remix.  The guy that gave this to me said he felt it tasted like Surge cut with Sprite.  I can definitely see where he came to that conclusion, but I’d need to taste more orange to completely agree.  

The carbonation level seems to be on par with Sprite, perhaps a little too carbonated.  The syrupy mouthfeel of Sprite is lessened to some degree, which is nice.  All in all though this tastes like cherry Sprite with some orange and smells like orange sprite with some cherry.  The more I drink it though the less natural it tastes so I’m going to stop now.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was given to me by Wrastlin’ Jakito