Soda Reviews

Boots Beverages Dewberry Soda

I tell people that my favorite dessert is blackberry cobbler with ice cream.  That’s a lie.  My favorite dessert is dewberry cobbler with ice cream.  I say blackberry because most people don’t know what a dewberry is.  They taste very similar to blackberries.  So much so that I probably couldn’t tell the difference if they were baked in a cobbler.  

Twist thought it was Boo Berry Soda.  DIBS ON THE IDEA!

The reason I prefer dewberries is a sentimental one.  My family used to pick dewberries on the side of the road on occasion.  It was a very rare occasion, but it occurred at least three times in my life.  I’m pretty sure they were wild dewberries on no one in particular’s land, but we picked them just the same.  

So it made me especially happy to see a dewberry soda and then thrilled me even more to find it was made by Boots Beverages.  I’ve never even heard of Boots Beverages, but they hail from my home state of Texas, Bellville Texas to be exact.  The label is adorned with the face of a kid known as “Mark Kristen”.  There’s a story along with his name that I’ll relay to you now:

“Mark was 5 when sorting returned bottles… barefooted of course.  At 7, he ventured a tad from the family soda business.  He picked dewberries along the Santa Fe tracks and sold them on Hwy 36.  He gave his first $14 profit to Deedie so she could buy a poodle puppy.  Deedie later sold Mark her interest in KDC.  Mark suggests you be real sweet to your mother.”

Well that was fun.  I hope every Boots Beverages has a story.  I also hope these are delicious sodas because I want to like them so very much based on character alone.  They’re sweetened with sugar so it’s already off to a good start.

A powerful aroma easily glides its way out of the mouth of the bottle.  It’s a candy like dewberry scent, so I doubt we’re going for realism here.  That’s fine.  If you can make a delicious soda I don’t really care how you do it.

It’s sweet and a little tart.  The candy scent I took in translated almost exactly as a taste.  It’s very much dewberry with plenty of sugar.  Carbonation wise it holds small amounts of tightly packed bubbles.  They’re fierce when you feel them, but they back off fairly quickly.

I like the flavor quite a bit, but I really wish the tart sting of a dewberry had more of a presence.  That’s what I don’t really understand about raspberry, blackberry, and dewberry flavored drinks.  So often they have the sweet side taken care of, but they rarely hold the bite that keeps me coming back.

This is just fine though.  Perhaps since they removed the tart, like so many upstanding saloons before, they could add some cream.  Dewberry Cream Soda would be pretty dang good.  I’m not drinking that though.  I’m drinking a pretty good dewberry soda that relies a bit too heavily on the sugar.  Still a fun company though.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was purchased at an HEB grocery store.

Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda

I had chips and salsa for dinner.  I’m an adult.  I can eat whatever I want, but I also have to pay a mortgage and taxes and keep a tiny human healthy and safe.  The only reason I didn’t eat donuts for dinner is because I was too lazy to go get donuts.  Isn’t that great!  I was too lazy to eat donuts for dinner so I had chips and salsa instead.  Now I’m going to have a Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda as a dessert to my chips and salsa dinner.  Adulthood.

So since this pumpkin pie soda is made by Maine Root you know it’s all natural and of course made with Fair Trade Certified organic cane juice and spices.  Dab the worry sweat off your brown and stick with me now as I open the bottle.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Drinker.

The ol’ sniffer is working better today after a week of antibiotics and Flonase brand Flonase.  When you need to eventually breathe, eventually try Flonase.  I’m not sure what my writing is doing, but I promise you’ll get a review out of this eventually.  

So, this soda does smell a little like pumpkin pie.  I don’t think I’d identify it as such if I didn’t know the flavor though.  It’s a faint smell to begin with and of course that makes me worry about the strength of the taste.  Perhaps I don't’ want a super strong pumpkin pie soda.  I’ve never had one so I guess I’m going to learn something about myself now.  

Tipping the bottle it dispenses three glugs worth of soda.  I bet I could tell this is pumpkin pie.  It’s not overly pumpkin pie tasting, but just enough to get the good parts.  Kind of like a pumpkin pie coverband.  It’ll never replace the original, but if it costs 80% less to go see them you might as well.  Heck I might buy a CD from them.

I’m enjoying the taste of this soda more than I thought I would.  The fizz level is pretty high, adding a bit of a burn with each sip.  The Fair Trade Certified spices taste as you would expect Fair Trade Certified spices to taste… spicy.  Seriously though, the spices do add a nice aftertaste to the beverage.  They keep my tongue guessing which is fun.

All in all it’s a rather sophisticated soda, but not a prima donna.  Not an overly sweet experience, but just enough to call it dessert if you wish.  Pumpkin pie lovers, or dare I even say, Sweet Potato Pie lovers should probably give this a go.  Surprisingly good.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


I purchased this at an HEB Grocery Store