Chewy Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations Root Beer Float

There are plenty of products that I didn’t know I wanted. Neopolitan Oreos. Red Velvet Pop Tarts. Jack in the Box’s Brunch Burger. Going into them I knew they had to be delicious, but I sure didn’t fathom a world with any of these treats.

Enter Chips Ahoy’s Chewy Ice Cream Creations Root Beer Float. I’m not a big chocolate chip cookie guy, but I enjoy Chewy Chips Ahoy, and the numerous spin-offs that have come from them. Despite the rest of the Ice Cream Creations line-up sounding delicious, I obviously went to try the Root Beer Float first.

Sadly, these are super disappointing. When you open the package, you know for certain that they were going for a root beer float flavor. The scent is bold. This pumped me up even more than I was before. Sadly the taste is just way too weird.

There are “vanilla chips” and I guess root beer chips? I tried to figure out if they were chocolate or root beer but the root beer flavoring overpowers everything. It reminds me a lot of spray butter or flavorings. It’s like they found “spray root beer flavoring” and just took vanilla chip cookies, and sprayed it on there.

I’ll put it like this. Over the course of 5 days, I ate four of these cookies, rather than in the course of about a 5 minutes. Two things that taste great separately, not so great together.

- Mike E.