A&W Root Beer Float Dessert Topper


I’m not a big ice cream guy, but occasionally enjoy it. When I do, I prefer frozen treats, or ice cream with lots of “stuff” in it, like a pint of vanilla ice cream with 100 peanut butter cups in it. Something reasonable.

Despite not being a fan of syrups, and not as much of a fan of “smooth” ice cream, I still gave A&W Root Beer Float Dessert Topper a try.

As a direct syrup, it’s fairly powerful. I feel this way about most ice cream syrup, however, so take that as-is. On the rare occasion that I do eat ice cream with syrup, I usually mix it up so that the flavor is spread out evenly.

This is where I appreciate this product. Root beer ice cream seems hard to come by here in Texas. In Pennsylvania, it was all over, thanks to it being a flavor in the line-up of the Weis Market store brand ice cream. This is essentially a way to create your own root beer ice cream, with whatever your favorite brand of vanilla ice cream is.

There isn’t much more to say about this. It is as it says. This is root beer flavored syrup for ice cream. If that’s what you want, this delivers. You might not use it the same way as I did, but it certainly works in the traditional sense as well.

- Mike E.