Popcast 20 - Gamer Cherry

For our show's 20 year anniversary we combine two of our past times, or rather review a beverage that combines two of our past times, Gamer Cherry.  In a recent vote fans say it's their favorite flavor of the Gamer line...will we agree?  I guarantee we'll agree on one thing:  there is news, and this week we have reasons why you should buy Coke stock, an update on the soda bottle boat, a university newspaper attempts to name the best store brand soda, and drink makers are looking for a "next gen" sweetener.  We have a suggestion, and I bet you can guess it.  Hope you enjoy it more than a soda sweetened with...next gen sweetener.  Thanks to Polarity Failure for the music (http://www.myspace.com/bassbyjames/).

Popcast Episode 20