Popcast 16 - Maine Root Root Beer

We clean up our act (ha!) with the cleanest (ha!...oh) soda we may have ever had.  But is that enough for us to be "fair" to this fair trade drink?  Find out by listening!  This week in news Coke tries to catch up with Pepsi, drinking soda kills sperm, Mary Jane now has a tea, and a little background on our friends at Oogave.  Not enough?  Well we end with a GIGANTIC SURPRISE.  Actually we eat soda flavored jelly beans.  And then talk about them.  While eating them.  Hope you enjoy it more than a soda that tastes like jelly beans.  See how I reversed that?  Thanks to Polarity Failure for the music (http://www.myspace.com/bassbyjames).

Popcast Episode 16