Popcast 10 - Peardrax

Somehow we made it to a tenth episode of our Popcast, and we celebrate by trying to poison ourselves with a substance known as "Peardrax."  In fact the whole thing is very hazy now trying to look back on it.  I'll blame it on the nail polish remover, I mean Peardrax.  Consider that a sneak preview.  The news was slightly more exciting this week:  Coke tries to imply diet soda is "heart healthy," Pepsi v. Coke in the war of being nice, Sprite still exists and Coke would like you to know that, good news for Waialua, Mary Jane moves to Cali, and how a man and his son started brewing their own sodas for their own shop.  Hope you enjoy it more than...Peardrax.  Thanks to Polarity Failure for the music (http://www.myspace.com/bassbyjames/).

Popcast Episode 10