Popcast 04 - The 100th Review Spectacular!

Live (well, recorded) from New York (okay, a suburb of Houston) it's TheSodaJerks.net 100th Review Spectacular (it's somewhat spectacular, I suppose) with a star-studded line-up (really it's just the two of us as usual) and a surprise dance number (there's no dancing either).  Join us for our 99th and 100th reviews.  After we introduce our new review system, drink number 99 is Bundaberg Root Beer from Australia and for number 100...who knows?  The Shadow knows!  We know too, and you will as soon as you listen to it!  In soda news this week, Big Red is Big Brother to Jones, Peta gives something for Jones to put on their fridge, Mississippi is next up for a proposed soda tax, no Pepsi in the Super Bowl this year, Mountain Dew and Pepsi Throwback come back, Suntory brings out Chocolate Sparkling Soda in Japan, Pepsi gets a negative award for being in a video game, and how a can of Mountain Dew saved Christmas.  Hope you enjoy it more than a 125 year old soda with literal dirt as an aftertaste.  Check out www.datassette.net for more of the music.

Popcast Episode 4