Popcast 05 - Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale & Sangria Senorial

We reach the all important landmark of five episodes and celebrate with some decent sodas.  First up is Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale, which we hope to continue the tradition of good beverages from the northwest.  Secondly is a non-alcoholic sangria, and neither of us have had sangria, so we're the perfect people to review this!  In news this week, fecal matter in soda fountain, Bolivia makes it's own "Coca-Colla," a soda powered cell phone, Jones rolls a new set of D&D themed drinks, Reed's continues it's world domination in Canada, Diet Dr. Pepper really is diet, Pepsi Throwback has arrived, Chicago Marriot Cherry Cola sounds amazing, weed in a can?, Fanta putting Bollywood stars on it's bottles, the flavor of Facebook, Coke machines that give out pizza and balloon animals, a soda fountain that can dispense over 100 drinks, and if you're going to steal a Coke machine, don't drag it behind your truck.  All that and more in our longest episode yet!  Hope you enjoy it more than an acetone flavored soda!  Check out www.datassette.net for more of the music.

Popcast Episode 5