Who are those two guys smirking at you amongst the bottles, and why is there an iguana with them?  Those guys are us… The Soda Jerks.  The iguana is Twist, our mascot/secretary.  Together we’ve been serving your flavored-carbonated-non-alcoholic-beverage-review needs since 2008.  We, as Soda Jerks, serve one purpose here… to review the beverages you haven’t had the honor of tasting yet.  You’ll notice that we base our reviews on taste, cost, bottle art, and pretty much anything else we can; this allows us to be critical of even our favorite beverages.  Don’t be shy if you have a beverage you’d like us to review, we love suggestions.  The ratings system we use is listed below.  We hope you enjoy yourself here and come back often.  TheSodaJerks.net… Drink in the Knowledge.

~Aaron and Mike

TheSodaJerks.net Ratings System (from worst to best)

  • Do Not Buy! - Pretty self explanatory, don't buy the soda!
  • Buyer Beware! - You can't say we didn't warn you, not so good is it?
  • Buy a Bottle! - This is worth a one bottle purchase... test it out.
  • Buy a Pack! - Go ahead, buy a pack and share it with your friends.
  • Buy a Pallet! - In case of emergency, always have this soda on hand.
  • Buy Stock in the Company! - You'll love this so much you'll invest in it.*

*Mike, Aaron, and Twist hold no responsibility if you do actually chose to invest in a company.  Why would you take financial advice from two guys whose secretary is a plastic iguana anyway? 

Still not convinced?  Here's a some references to show how up on soda we are.

First up a documentary about choice called The Perfect Soda.  Who better to talk about soda than us... or the guy that runs Galco's Soda Pop Stop.

Next up... ever heard of Canada?  Well they've heard of us and the CBC graciously interviewed us about our thoughts on a lawsuit involving soda.

Finally there's this tweet from 2013 that pretty much speaks for itself.

Legit Twitter.PNG